On IDsys, the finished production monitoring complete hardware and software RFID solution for the window production company. The solution includes obtaining source data from production software, checking all goods moving in production until delivery to goods cars, logging all information, archiving and rewriting information into the customer's accounting software.  The solution contains a full-size server solution. Solved all multi-step data exchange with subscriber accounting, printing RFID tag.s (with delivered Zebra printers), reading with RFID gates, reading and picking with RFID hand readers. The solution also includes a completeness check of the issuing goods with hand readers and RFID gates.
Many complex manufacturer-based solutions were performed, including users' web pages, various screen views, warehouse release and car release operations, personal settings of users in hand readers depending on the place of use, user interfaces for hand readers, product return and quality control solution. Solutions to a number of specific cases were carried out, the movement of additional products in the supply chain and their control until issue. In addition, as part of the supply chain, an inspection of the issue of goods was carried out, a check on the completeness of delivery notes, registration of the delivery of goods from packing slips for cars.  The put-away and inventory issue module was also performed with a barcode related to the single production process and the permit issue.


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