Joint funding campaign for RFID and machine learning digital end-to-end solution

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Hello [Partner/Investor/Linked Party],

I am writing to share with you an exciting opportunity with IDsys, a leading innovator in the Estonian IT sector.

IDsys has recently opened its own funding round with the aim of raising €300 000 in exchange for 10% of its share capital. We are delighted to invite you to join our private campaign exclusively created for our esteemed partners, potential investors and other interested parties.

By participating in our VIP campaign, you have the unique opportunity to become an early investor in IDsys and be part of our journey to revolutionise the digital solutions industry. By investing in IDsys, you'll be contributing to the growth and development of our breakthrough technology, while positioning yourself for potential financial results as our business expands.

Why invest in IDsys?

Cutting-edge technology: IDsys has developed a revolutionary digital solution to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organisations. Our comprehensive IDsys ONLINE software integrates seamlessly with different hardware devices, providing a complete solution.

Market potential: the European market for digital solutions is worth €3.17 billion, according to a recent study by the European Investment Bank. Significantly, 67% of European businesses are still fully non-digitalised, representing a huge growth opportunity for IDsys. With the combination of machine vision and RFID technology, we are well positioned to exploit this potential.

Strong team and experience: IDsys has a highly skilled and dedicated team with extensive experience in developing innovative solutions. Our track record includes successful implementation of tool inventory, fixed asset and small equipment tracking systems for prominent clients such as the Social Welfare Unemployment Fund.

Commitment to sustainability: by investing in IDsys, you are not only supporting the growth of an exceptional technology company, you are also helping to reduce the ecological footprint of manufacturing plants around the world. Our solutions enable companies to optimise processes, reduce waste and operate more sustainably.

To express your interest and receive detailed information about the investment opportunity, including financial projections and growth plans, please reply to this email or contact our Campaign Project Manager Sandra Mesipu at [email protected] Sandra will guide you through the investment process and provide you with the necessary documentation.

We would also like to thank Mark Gussakov, who played a key role in producing the video footage for our campaign.

Please note that the number of places in the private campaign is limited, so we encourage you to act quickly to ensure your participation.

Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity to invest in IDsys. We look forward to discussing the potential partnership further and welcome you to our growing network of investors.

Best wishes,



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