Is asset management and counting done quickly and efficiently?
How much time and money is spent on things that shouldn't be spent?
Are there constant data entry errors in your work?

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The inventory has a place in any enterprise. We offer solutions for inventory and inventory detection and active monitoring.

RFID Production Tracking

The purpose of the RFID solution for monitoring the production process is to track the objects being produced. 

rfid Asset monitoring

The monitoring solution is designed for those who want to automatically identify a moving asset.

rfid Laundry Management

Tagged clothes are identified by the RFID gate. The solution is primarily intended for laundries, hospitals and hotels.

Barcode inventory on a smartphone

A simple solution suitable for Android phones. The app works with IDsys Online.

Excessive time consumption: how much can you save?

Let's give an example. Each pallet with an average of 400 boxes is manually checked by a warehouse worker. It takes time for the employee to move around the warehouse, find the bases and count them. Then he goes back to the back of the computer and enters the necessary data.

400 boxes detection

Manual counting/base
Automated detection/base
Manual data entry /base
Automated data entry/base

Time commitment by manual VS automating

Using RFID technology, a person is not needed, and the company can use the remaining resources to create value for others.

Practice shows that by automating it is possible to
save 36 times more time on data detection alone
it is possible to save as much as 60 times more time at the expense of entering data.

The machine has done the job a long time ago, but the employee is still running...

Victory due to RFID integration

We take into account that a company spends one average employee's resource per year on things that can be optimized and automated.
The employee does not have a solution for marking and identifying assets, as well as software that would show all the necessary information in a couple of clicks. – inventory, material, assets, production.
A resource that is not spent on optimization and automation can be directed by the company to create value such as marketing or product development.

Investing a couple of years' worth of expense for the sake of greater business efficiency is certainly a more affordable option than continuing as before.

Less cost
Asset identification accuracy
Real-time data exchange
Creating value for the company

The product of IDSys OÜ is mainly the integration of solutions based on RFID technology and software development, as a result of which additional functionality and automation are added to the client's resource monitoring system.

Hardware installation and integration
  • RFID Tags
  • RFID controller
  • RFID antenna
  • RFID Printer
  • RFID Handheld Readers
  • Reader middleware
  • Integration platform
  • Application software
  • Interlinking modules for data exchange with different applications

The exact configuration is somewhat different. There are customers at which several readers need to be installed, at others one reading point is enough to provide a service. Sometimes you need a hand reader app first and foremost, other times stationary readers.

There are a number of potential customers who do not need an integration service, but are satisfied with the online reporting engine, for the use of which a periodic license fee is paid.

The requirements for application software also vary from client to client. There are clients who want to carry out statistics on the dynamics of assets or track the movement of assets throughout the logistics chain, but there are also those for whom it is enough to record the assets stored in the warehouse module of the accounting program, and for the third, just an online reporting engine is enough.

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