RFID hand reader with best design and functionality  

The RFID hand reader MHKL1337 uses the Impinj R2000 UHF module and a sophisticated antenna design capable of reading at a distance of up to 10m in the open air. The device's reading range and magnificence capabilities make it the last word on technology.

UHF Frequency: 865-921MHz

Can order both low-frequency and high-frequency devices

2D Barcodes Scanning

The device can be ordered with an integrated 2D barcode module.

Supports ISO 18000-6C (EPC Class1, GEN2) | Android 10.0 | 5.5" touch screen | WiFi | Bluetooth | | AGPs | 2D barcode reader option | Front 5-megapixel camera (optional) > rear 13-megapixel camera | IP65 protection class | Ergonomic grip | Type-C Charger

The RFID hand reader is used to identify RFID tags and is well suited for any area of life where asset identification and management is important. The advantage is to identify assets and perform operations in a timely manner and conveniently.