Computer vision

Machine vision is the field of machine learning where computers are trained to interpret and understand the visual world. Using digital images and videos and deep learning models, machines can accurately identify and classify objects. and then react to what they 'see'.

Image detection

Identify objects, locations, people, text and processes from images or video and classify them.

object detection

Analyse the objectparameters and their correspondence such as: defects, dimensions, position and quantity.

Facial diagnosis

Biometric authentication is faster and more convenient than conventional access cards. Security can be duplicated by different means.

Text support

Text is detected from the image, which helps to eliminate manual errors and save time on data entry.

Use cases

Machine vision is a technology whose core value is automation and precision far beyond human vision. It offers a sustained high level of accuracy, 24/7 functionality and fast data processing that is easy to scale. In addition, it significantly reduces human data entry time and the associated error rate.

OCR - Optical Character Recognition

It is a text recognition and processing function that helps to reduce the time needed to identify objects when entering data or to fill in a document when receiving a shipment, for example.

Object identification - inventory

A big problem is the time and money spent on managing the inventory. By using the object detection functionality of machine vision, these processes can be optimised. From a picture or a video, the required item(s) are read together -... object(s) - quantity(s)