We offer asset management 60x faster and 60x cheaper 

We see that a person does not have to perform routine actions that could be performed in an instant by a machine. It is possible to make the inventory so simple that a person has more time to do smart work. Works that create lasting value.

RFID Asset Monitoring 

i.e. mobile asset tracking (so-called Lao RFID) is suitable for those who have a lot of moving assets. 

To whom?

IDsys Online RFID solution is aimed at monitoring the company's fixed assets and small funds in real time. The solution is intended for companies / institutions of all sizes, such as: hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing and care companies, warehouses, offices, shops, shops, etc.

For example, tools that are taken and returned from the warehouse. With the solution, you can get a quick overview of the movement of the inventory. The solution can also be interfaced with the business software at the request of the client or it can also work independently. Also we are developing a Directo interface, for data synchronization.

Especially suitable for accountants, administrative managers, production personnel and other persons responsible for the property of the company. Give up annoying paper inventories.


With the help of RFID, the tools are automatically read, and the user registers them in his name with a smart card (access distance card) on the touchscreen. For each user in an instant to get an inventory of what is in his name. Additionally, it is logged also unregistered things, which allows you to control their movements later, track for a long time what tools are using them, avoid duplicate tool output, and control the movement of tool batteries into and out of the warehouse.

A handheld reader can also be connected to the Warehouse RFID, which allows you to perform inventory on items and perform editing if anything needs to be changed.


Based on the customer's process, solutions that provide added value to the client are made that coincide with the customer's own resources and production monitoring goals. IDsys software consists of different modules that are selected according to the user's application and can be used as a single system. According to the needs of the client, additional development is carried out in the modules.

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