The company was founded in 2009. We are an Estonian company and we are based in Tallinn.

The mission of IDsys OÜ is to make the current operations and work processes of companies faster and more humane. We see that a person should not perform routine actions that can be done in an instant by a machine.

We help increase the profitability of our customers by contributing to business processes that would make their business more efficient. To this end, we mainly implement radio frequency recognition technology (RFID) customer inventory, logistics and production systems in the use of management. Thanks to RFID, the client achieves digital asset management. 

The products themselves have the advantage of having a routine process automation feature that helps customers save time spent managing inventory, reduce data entry errors, and create more efficient business processes for implementing applications.

The goal is to offer complete solutions, during which we offer consultation, software development and installation of the necessary equipment.

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Digital asset management


The technology candetect tagged thieves through materials, so it's not visually capricious


Barcode is a way to perform asset identification visually


BT beacons send a steady signal that allows you to determine the location of the property.

Our company's goal is to help make inventory, asset and warehouse management as easy as possible. We have developed a very user-friendly and convenient management software that uses the aforementioned technologies to track assets. Read more about IDsys ONLINE

We offer technical competence and innovative solutions.

We have been operating since 2009 and are specialists in our field. We have made various solutions for different companies. Both inventory, production and laundry management solutions. In the modern world, the reliability and continuity of work processes is increasingly important. By automisation of work processes and the flow of information the client reduces the risk of errors and increases the overview of important things.