In May 2019, the IDsys Online digital asset management web-based software solution was completed.

What is IDsys Online?

In May 2019, the web-based software solution for taking an inventory of IDsys Online was completed.

It is an intuitive web application that is convenient, user-friendly and also takes into account the needs of all the most demanding customers. The solution can perform inventory/asset management with a modified antenna RFID hand scanner that detects assets equipped with special tags using radio frequency technology. It is also possible to use just a bar code solution and still use all the benefits of the program.

All data is stored in the cloud. The user has online access to all operations through a global website – WiFi, 4G. It is possible to import the customer's existing data directly into the IDsys Online database, there is no need for craftsmanship. All operations are 100% logged, including data changes, additions, all inventories. On inventory cards, there are 12 configurable additional fields in addition to the main fields. During the inventory, it is possible to view the individual history of each item with one click. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Users can set up personal views and filters. Export options are CSV, Excel and PDF. 

Application features


Change column names and positions in the table


Can turn columns (fields) on and off

color format of rows of data

Give the lines a color format based on the defined parameters


Save views with modified column locations and filters to show the data you want


Create restrictions for users to view, edit and enter information


It's a breeze to produce reports that meet your requirements

IDsys android

IDsys ONLINE Android software is a modern tool. This makes it possible to obtain information about the latest inventories, as well as to carry them out. The application can also be used on the phone with a barcode. There are 3 main views of the application:

Home- Shows general information about the user and customer account, further you can navigate to view thieves or inventory packages. From here you can view and search for thieves directly from the application.

Search – The search function can be used to quickly identify objects and mass change the information related to them. As well 

Inventory – Choose which assets you want to take an inventory of and, if necessary, change their data during the inventory.

During the inventory, it is possible to physically identify assets either during an RFID inventory or a barcoded inventory . – The first one is many times cheaper and faster.

Inventory the way you want

Inventory execution – proceeds on the basis of indicators. The user selects the assets that he currently wants to identify by location, name or other indicator. At the end of the inventory, it is possible to choose a format that suits you, which would recommend uploading ( all, only found, only missing, found & missing, found & over, missing & over). During the inventory process, you can immediately promptly add a comment by dragging the property to the right.

Mass change

In addition to the basic functionality, it is possible to change the scanned lines (e.g. change the location, name or other information field of the property).

Data loss prevention

The application also allows you to quickly and conveniently register one type of unknown thieves.

Inventory pack history

Individual previous inventories can be viewed from the hand reader 

Mass import

The application also allows you to quickly and conveniently register one type of unknown thieves.

One-size-fits-all change of asset cards

can change individual thieves one by one directly from the android app (hand reader/phone)


The property read is accurately identified individually


In a specific asset search, the app can view the location of the asset and then go to physically check the asset's presence.