We offer asset management 60x faster and 60x cheaper 

Inventory is an important part of any company, be it furnishings, products or other company assets. Thanks to technological developments, RFID Inventory is the most cost-effective inventory solution. It's never been easier before. Conduct It's easier than ever.

Inventory of fixed assets and small assets

Monitoring and inventory of the company's assets is becoming increasingly important. Often large investments are associated with them.

To whom?

The IDsys Online RFID solution is aimed at quickly and conveniently conducting inventories of fixed assets and small assets of the company. The solution is designed for companies/institutions of all sizes, such as: hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, warehouses, offices, shops, shops, etc.

Especially suitable for accountants, administrative managers, production personnel and other persons responsible for the property of the company. Give up annoying paper inventories.


To obtain control, the assets are provided with RFID stickers with a unique ID number and, if necessary, other additional information. Subsequent verification and monitoring and recording of results is simple and automatic using an RFID hand reader. When using RFID stickers, it is convenient to find inventory on a large volume, because the detection is carried out remotely. This is an advantage over Barcode (barcode) because it saves time. All information is stored in our Online environment, which is easily accessible from anywhere. The inventory with RFID stickers takes minutes instead of hours and is very accurate, clear and concise. During the inventory, you can change the data of the asset directly in the hand reader.


 Based on this research comparing bar code inventory with the RFID solution, it is understood that the RFID solution is almost 90% more effective. By recalculating it for time and labor costs then there is an RFID technology very cost effective.