Digital end-to-end solution

In addition to a well-functioning management, planning and tracking system, a broad hardware integration has been taken into account.


Optimising workflows results in fewer errors and more accurate data.


Personnel costs are reduced and profitability increases. You gain a competitive advantage.

Real-time overview

Thanks to innovative digital technologies, you have an accurate, real-time overview of your inventory, stock levels and production.  

Hardware-based system for automated monitoring and management

Digital end-to-end solutions and real-time monitoring are our core value. IDsys Online has the advantage of automating routine processes, helping customers save time on asset management, reduce data entry errors and create more efficient business processes. Using RFID as well as machine learning technologies to achieve efficiencies several dozen times faster.

IDsys Online covers the software side of management, planning and tracking as well as taking into account the physical needs of the customer. Various devices such as scanners, printers, machine vision cameras can be easily interfaced with the software, RFID readers and other IoT (Internet of Things) devices, the product is highly flexible, configurable and quick to deploy.


We offer complete software and hardware solutions

Inventory managament

Inventories have a place in every business. We offer RFID and machine vision solutions for inventory management: identification and active tracking.

Warehouse management

The aim of the production process monitoring solution is to monitor the objects being produced in real time and to collect accurate count data.

Production Tracking

The monitoring solution is designed for those who want to automatically detect or track moving assets. Suitable for monitoring various types of equipment, machinery or personnel.

Modern digital technologies

Our solutions use the latest technologies to automate.

Computer vision

Using digital images and videos and deep learning models, machines can accurately identify and classify objects.


RFID systems can use a wide range of frequencies. Each of these frequencies has its own characteristics and is suitable for different types of applications.

Customer feedback

The real value is speed accuracy, comfort and.. satisfied customers

At Harmet Constructions, the RFID Monitoring system of the ny dseks tool warehouse isfully implemented and in working order. The whole implementation process took some time, but I couldn't imagine anything better in the end.

Probleem: Tools and other building accessories were lost in the tool warehouse. Also, there was always a lack of an accurate picture of what, how much and by whom.

Solution:  Installed   inside the tool With RFID TAG,the logging of the entire tool base is  fully automated: the worker enters the tool warehouse, and upon exit, the tools automatically appear on the screen and can register them in his name.              

Benefits:  A very big difference is whether the tools are scanned as a QR image one by one, for example, or everything happens automatically and even 10 tools at once, with a hand reader taking inventories also greatly simplifies the work of the tool warehouse manager. The tool warehouse now has about 1500 tools with RFID TAGS. Manual one-by-one reading does not give a comparison, and the overview is of movements all the time available in real time.

Remy Mägi

Harmet Constructions Ltd

Weak current Installation Ltd. decided  RFID Monitoring systemin favor of i because there was constantly a problem with keeping tools at the expense. The overview is there even if the employee does not register items in his name. This is thanks to the presence of a camera, which helps to view the correct recording from the camera and identify the person based on the time the tag was read

Problem: There was no exact counting because there was no system. I didn't know who had the tools in their hands.           

Solution: With the RFID TAG installed  inside the tool, the logging of the entire tool base is   fully automated: the worker enters the tool warehouse, and upon exit, the tools are automatically created on the screen and can register them in his name.              

Benefits:  Automated tool detection and fast efficient logging. The digital footprint is always there and simple and concise.

Olga Ossoblivets

Weak current Installation Ltd.

Today, a lot of different mobile applications and apps have been developed. The Finance Empire was looking for a mobile asset management solution (tripcode application) for the property (furniture) in the building.

Problem:  There was no solution that would help to conveniently and quickly find information about assets when moving around the building on a daily basis and also to immediately make changes (location, condition, etc.)

Solution: Mobile application, which helps to carry out all of the above conveniently and promptly. The second part of the solution is web-based software that allows you to manage asset cards and view history.

Benefits: A solution that allows you to conveniently and quickly find information about assets when moving around the building and also immediately make changes (location, condition, etc.). Web-based software allows you to manage asset cards and generate different reports and view history.

Angelika Hammer


At the moment, we have been using the IDsys Online inventory for a couple of months and at the moment we are rather still in the implementation phase. 

Problem:  There was a lot of one type of moving inventory that was more likely to be counted and accounted for.

Solution: With the RFID hand reader inventory solution, we can quickly and massively count inventory and mark changes to the inventory.

Benefits:  We see great potential in the system to make the entire inventory overview easy to manage, and not only. This may be the solution for us to make certain of today's systems completely digital. The exact use of a hand reader requires a little getting used to, but it's what every new thing needs. All in all, a rather simple update, and the web application itself is also easy to use.

Andre Kütt

Adduco Ltd.

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