IDsys OÜ has achieved a very satisfactory result with the RFID logistics cargo identification solution. As a result of previous experiments in a situation where the pallet is moving at human walking speed, we received 400 unique readings, i.e. 400 chips were identified (each box has 2 RFID chips, which are duplicated with the code). That is, in essence, 800 chips have been detected on a moving base in 6 seconds.

IDsys continues with experiments to make it even easier to track moving assets. This solution focuses on the rapid identification of large quantities of goods. This application works in cooperation with our inventory application IDsys Online.


Logistics is defined as the movement of an asset, good, service or information. RFID helps manage and optimize logistic solutions. The goods always move through the RFID gate, where the goods are identified.

  • Automatic item detection in strategic locations(on/off)
  • A more detailed overview and real-time change in the status of the goods
  • Accurate inventory calculation
  • Automatic waybills with real quantity detection
  • Directing goods to a fixed location with the help of software
  • Receipt of goods from a fixed location with the help of software.
  • Less time to identify an item


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