In November 2019, IDsys OÜ completed an inventory RFID tool monitoring solution. The solution is interfaced with Directo's business software, but it is also able to work independently. With RFID, the tools are automatically read and the user registers them in his name with a chip card (pass distance card) to his name on the touchscreen. For each folderer, it is instantaneous to get the inventory that is in his name. In addition, unregistered items are logged, which allows you to check their movements at a later time, monitor for a long time what tools who uses, avoid the release of double tools, and check the movement of the tool batteries in and out of storage.

Warehouse RFID is interfaced with a hand reader that allows you to perform inventory inventory on equipment and also move them from one warehouse to another or to objects out of production. The hand reader solution works directly with Directo around the world, allowing you to take inventory anywhere in 24/7 and the location of the devices is immediately visible.

RFID tool monitoring

RFID tool monitoring


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