From May 2019, idsys Online RFID inventory solution has been completed. All data is kept in the cloud. The user has global on-line access to all operations over the Internet – wifi, 4G, 3G. It is possible to convert the client's existing data directly to the IDsys Online database, there is no need for handicrafts. All actions 100% are logged, including data changes, additions, all inventory. It is possible to view the individual history of each item with one click. User interfeiss is simple and intuitive. Users can get personal views, personal filters, Excel output, and PDF output.  The solution is based on a monthly payment, the subscriber does not need to purchase software, but can rent it in the necessary period. according to their needs. The necessary hardware can also be purchased with hire purchase or rented.

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Online RFID counting solution software

Online RFID counting solution software


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